Instructions for Applying

Please take note of the following rules

  • All applications have to be submitted in English through our Online Application Tool. Registrations for the 2025 intake are open from August 15th, 2024 until October 31st, 2024. Applications submitted by mail or email will not be considered.
  • No application fees apply
  • You have to submit your application in English.
  • Please remember to formally submit your application by clicking the “Submit” button once your application is complete. Applications that are not submitted will not be considered.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications are considered complete when all mandatory fields have been filled out and submitted within the specified deadline (October 31st, 2024), and where both reference letters are received within the specified deadline (November 7th, 2024).
  • The maximum file size per uploaded document is limited to 5 MB; formats accepted by the Online Application Tool are pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Any uploaded file that does not comply will not be processed and therefore will not be visible to the reviewers. Any uploaded file that does not comply will not be processed and therefore will not be visible to the reviewers. If a document consists of more than one page it should be combined into a single PDF file. Please refrain from submitting protected documents (password or other). Protected documents cannot be converted into a final PDF file and thus will not be seen by the reviewers.
  • We recommend you use a file name that reflects the content of the file. Eg. CV_Jane Doe, MSc Degree_Jane Doe etc. Please use standard characters from the Latin alphabet and numbers for file names. Please avoid using special characters e.g., plus sign or question mark. These characters may be incompatible with UNIX and hence we will be unable to open your file. We advise you scan any documents at a resolution of no more than 300dpi.
  • Please submit your application in a timely manner - avoid submissions close to the deadline. With this approach you allow for sufficient buffer time should you encounter any issues, technical or otherwise, during your application process.

Please open your uploaded file prior to final submission in order to check it works properly. If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.

Picture: Pixabay_Clker

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