Dr. Oriane Mauger

Research Group Leader, MPI of Psychiatry

Main Focus

RNA Basis of Memory.

Memory is a major cognitive function that is affected by a wide range of conditions beyond neurodegenerative diseases. Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and associated symptoms like insomnia, can significantly impact memory function. The goal of my research is to unravel the molecular basis of memory and bring new tracks for therapeutic strategies. In my recent work (unpublished), I discovered that RNA processing is crucial for memory consolidation. This breakthrough finding is particularly significant considering that RNA has emerged as a privileged target for therapeutic interventions in neurological disorders, placing RNA regulation at the forefront of translational research into memory deficits. To leverage this discovery and decipher RNA programs activated during memory consolidation, we use single molecule imaging approaches and -omics technologies. In addition, we are actively developing an array of new molecular tools to manipulate these RNA regulations with the ultimate goal of modulating memory performance and fighting memory deficits in mouse model of anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation.

Offering PhD positions in 2024: Yes.

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