Scientific Supervision of IMPRS-TP Students

Scientific Supervision of IMPRS-TP Students

The concept for scientific supervision in the IMPRS-TP is established through the Doctoral Supervision Agreement which is signed by the supervisor and doctoral candidate.

Direct Supervision

Ultimate responsibility for the supervision and mentorship of the doctoral student lies with the faculty member who has accepted the student into his/her group. Together they define the key questions of the thesis project and establish the theoretical and methodological cornerstones of the project.

Although an initial close cooperation with a senior scientist is strongly encouraged, the doctoral student needs to be given scientific independence as soon as possible so that they can produce their own original, peer-reviewed publication/s during the course of their studies.

The supervisor provides adequate resources, encourages regular scientific exchange within the research group and beyond. The supervisor meets regularly with the doctoral student to discuss scientific results and implications thereof and to assess the development of the thesis project. The supervisor fully supports the doctoral student’s participation in all curricular activities necessary to fulfill the requirements of the research school.

Thesis Advisory Committee

A second layer of supervision is achieved through the establishment of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC).

The TAC consists of at least three faculty members or Principle Investigators, including the supervisor. At least one TAC member should come from an institution other than the institution of the direct supervisor. TAC members may also come from institutes not participating in the IMPRS program. The TAC is jointly assembled by the doctoral student and the direct supervisor. TAC members should agree to participate in the committee until completion of the student’s studies. In addition to scientific supervision, the direct supervisor and TAC members are intended to assist the student in all aspects of career planning and networking.

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