Prof. Dr. Christine Falter-Wagner

Research Group Leader, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, LMU Munich

Main Focus

My main research focusses on digital phenotyping of intra- and interpersonal processes during social interactions. The experimental setups we use connect automated movement synchrony analysis, eye-tracking, facial expression extraction via computer vision, as well as heart rate and EDA measurement via wearables. The aim is to extract objective behavioural markers for digitally assisted diagnostics and screening of autism-spectrum-disorder.

To improve mechanistic understanding, we study neuronal processing of synchrony perception (fMRI) using our previously extracted markers as stimuli. In a next step we will implement portable eye-tracking and fNIRS to quantify social synchrony processes between interaction partners.

Beyond autism we study comorbidities such as ADHD and dyspraxia and differential diagnoses associated with social interaction difficulties such as borderline personality disorder, social anxiety and psychosis.

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