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Journal Article
Yuan, W.; Ma, S.; Brown, J. R.; Kim, K.; Murek, V.; Trastulla, L.; Meissner, A.; Lodato, S.; Shetty, A. S.; Levin, J. Z. et al.; Buenrostro, J. D.; Ziller, M. J.; Arlotta, P.: Temporally divergent regulatory mechanisms govern neuronal diversification and maturation in the mouse and marmoset neocortex. NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 25 (8), pp. 1049 - 1058 (2022)
Journal Article
Kappelmann, N.; Czamara, D.; Rost, N.; Moser, S.; Schmoll, V.; Trastulla, L.; Stochl, J.; Lucae, S.; Binder, E. B.; Khandaker, G. M. et al.; Arloth, J.: Polygenic risk for immuno-metabolic markers and specific depressive symptoms: A multi-sample network analysis study. BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY 95, pp. 256 - 268 (2021)
Journal Article
Chierici, M.; Bussola, N.; Marcolini, A.; Francescatto, M.; Zandona, A.; Trastulla, L.; Agostinelli, C.; Jurman, G.; Furlanello, C.: Integrative Network Fusion: A Multi-Omics Approach in Molecular Profiling. FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 10, 1065 (2020)
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