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Journal Article
Albantakis, L.; Brandi, M.-L.; Zillekens, I. C.; Henco, L.; Weindel, L.; Thaler, H.; Schliephake, L.; Timmermans, B.; Schilbach, L.: Alexithymic and autistic traits: Relevance for comorbid depression and social phobia in adults with and without autism spectrum disorder. AUTISM 24 (8), 1362361320936024, pp. 2046 - 2056 (2020)
Journal Article
Albantakis, L.; Brandi, M. L.; Zillekens, I.; Weindel, L.; Schliephake, L.; Henco, L.; Thaler, H.; Schilbach, L.: Are comorbidities in autism associated with the co-occurrence of alexithymia? EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 29, pp. S537 - S538 (2019)
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