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Journal Article
Cruceanu, C.; Dony, L.; Krontira, A. C.; Fischer, D. S.; Roeh, S.; Di Giaimo, R.; Kyrousi, C.; Kaspar, L.; Arloth, J.; Czamara, D. et al.; Gerstner, N.; Martinelli, S.; Wehner, S.; Breen, M. S.; Koedel, M.; Sauer, S.; Sportelli, V.; Rex-Haffner, M.; Cappello, S.; Theis, F. J.; Binder, E. B.: Cell-Type-Specific Impact of Glucocorticoid Receptor Activation on the Developing Brain: A Cerebral Organoid Study. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY 179 (5), pp. 375 - 387 (2022)
Journal Article
Martins, J.; Czamara, D.; Sauer, S.; Rex-Haffner, M.; Dittrich, K.; Doerr, P.; de Punder, K.; Overfeld, J.; Knop, A.; Dammering, F. et al.; Entringer, S.; Winter, S. M.; Buss, C.; Heim, C.; Binder, E. B.: Childhood adversity correlates with stable changes in DNA methylation trajectories in children and converges with epigenetic signatures of prenatal stress. NEUROBIOLOGY OF STRESS 15, 100336 (2021)
Journal Article
Wiechmann, T.; Roeh, S.; Sauer, S.; Czamara, D.; Arloth, J.; Koedel, M.; Beintner, M.; Knop, L.; Menke, A.; Binder, E. B. et al.; Provencal, N.: Identification of dynamic glucocorticoid-induced methylation changes at the FKBP5 locus. CLINICAL EPIGENETICS 11, 83 (2019)
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