Publications of Jeanette Tamm

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Journal Article
Bolis, D.; Lahnakoski, J. M.; Seidel, D.; Tamm, J.; Schilbach, L.: Interpersonal similarity of autistic traits predicts friendship quality. SI 16 (1-2), pp. 222 - 231 (2021)
Journal Article
Kopf-Beck, J.; Zimmermann, P.; Egli, S.; Rein, M.; Kappelmann, N.; Fietz, J.; Tamm, J.; Rek, K.; Lucae, S.; Brem, A.-K. et al.; Saemann, P.; Schilbach, L.; Keck, M. E.: Schema therapy versus cognitive behavioral therapy versus individual supportive therapy for depression in an inpatient and day clinic setting: study protocol of the OPTIMA-RCT. BMC PSYCHIATRY 20 (1), 506 (2020)
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