ThinkWrite Workshop

10.07.2018 - 12.07.2018

A 3-day scientific writing (best practice) skills workshop covering:

  1. Conference Abstracts and Posters (day 1 | 09:30-16:30)
    Learn how to identify the different readers and decision-makers that need to be considered when planning the abstract and poster, determine the key messages of the abstract and poster, write an abstract quickly, but also concisely, recognise the elements of design that can grab attention without causing offence, create imaginative posters that communicate without being boring, and be prepared to present work professionally at a conference. 

  2. Quality Papers (day 2 | 09:30-16:30)
    Acquire the skills to build a strategy for deciding which journal to target, identify that journal's requirements and paper structures, write a message that sums up your findings / ideas, use your message and the journal's structure to decide what needs to go into the paper, write quickly, and edit with confidence, and create a clear and simple covering letter / note.

  3. Thesis Writing (day 3 | 09:00-16:00)
    Understand how to identify key readers / decision-makers, to use university rules as a guide to indicate what needs to be included, to decide the key message of the thesis, to determine a set of subsidiary messages, to create a project-appropriate & department-appropriate structure, to develop a writing method that makes good use of scarce time, to edit with confidence, and consider elements of design.

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