Data Visualization in R with ggplot2



Course Data Visualization in R with ggplot2
Instructor TBA, Physalia Courses
Date 08.04.2024 - 10.04.2024
Time 9:00 – 13:00
Duration ca. 12 hours
Type Online
ECTS 0.5


Course description:

Immerse yourself in the art of crafting captivating and informative scientific plots in R with ggplot2. Participants will journey towards proficiency in loading, manipulating, and visualizing tabular data, all while mastering the art of refining plot aesthetics. Engage in practical sessions designed to spark discussions about strategic choices that maximize the impact and engagement of your visualizations.



  • Basic knowledge of the R programming language
  • Familiarity with tidyverse


Course Content:

Unlocking the Grammar of Graphics

  • Overview of the grammar of graphics and its application in ggplot
  • Data carpentry: Introduction to manipulating and cleaning tabular data

Crafting Basic Plots with Elegance

  • Creating basic plots: Points, lines, bars, and boxes
  • Fine-tuning plot aesthetics: Colors, scales, and themes
  • Enhancing plots with annotations and labels

Mastering Advanced Plot Techniques

  • Advanced plot techniques: Combining multiple data tables in the same plot
  • Creating multi-panel plots and faceting
  • Exporting and saving plots in various formats


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will have gained:

  • The ability to proficiently load, manipulate, and visualize tabular data using R and ggplot2
  • A deep understanding of the principles of the grammar of graphics and its practical implementation in ggplot2
  • Proficiency in creating a wide range of plot types, including points, lines, bars, and boxes
  • Skills to customize plot aesthetics and tables, including colour schemes, scales, and themes
  • Knowledge of advanced techniques for combining multiple data tables and plots into a single, cohesive figure
  • Competence in exporting and saving plots in various formats for presentations, reports, or publications


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