Statistics in R

February 20-24, 2023

Course description and learning outcomes:

The goal of the workshop is to convey the ability to write small R scripts, that read-in common data formats (excel, csv and txt), extract information from the data, performs a statistical analysis and displays the data in ready-to-publish figures and saves them as pdf or jpg.
Along those lines, we are going to learn how to
    - avoid loops and rearrange tables using the tools from the apply family,
    - install and load packages (mainly from the "tidyverse")
    - work with the R help function and the "cheat sheets"
We are going to work with real-life data sets and discuss basic statistical tools (t-test, ANOVA, p-value distribution, error estimation).
The course aims on beginners and no prior programming experience is required.

Themes to discuss:
    - introduction, classes and objects
    - data handling, loading/installing packages
    - excel files and pdfs
    - simple plots
    - running and writing an R script
    - logical indexing, the apply family
    - loops
    - ggplot2, cow plot, heatmaps
     - χ^2, R^2, z-test and t-test
    - non-parametric tests (KS, Wilkocxon)
     - p-value corrections and distributions     


About the trainer

Markus Hohle obtained his PhD in physics (Jena and Garching), and is a lecturer at the LMU Gene Center since 2013.

The workshop will be awarded with 1.5 ECTS.


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