Scientific Writing

May 11-12, 2023

Course description:

When writing a paper or thesis, PhD students often face several challenges such as addressing the target readership, structuring the manuscript in a logical way and writing in a precise and concise style. The complexity of a scientific writing project can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of disorientation, lack of motivation and enhanced procrastination.

To overcome these obstacles, we will address efficient planning and writing strategies, techniques for adequate application of scientific style and structure conventions, and efficient revision and feedback strategies. Besides theoretical input on writing topics, you will have opportunity to work with your own texts and to get feedback from co-participants. In addition, we will develop individual strategies to avoid writer´s block and to optimize the writing process.


This 2-day workshop addresses PhD students who would like to improve their personal writing skills and gain insight into style and structure conventions of scientific texts.



  • Planning of scientific texts.
  • Optimization of the writing process and overcoming writer`s blocks.
  • Revision of scientific texts.
  • Scientific style conventions.
  • Feedback strategies.


Learning outcomes:

  • Strategies for planning and structuring your manuscript.
  • To be aware of conventions regarding scientific style and know strategies to apply them to your own texts.
  • Strategies for effective revision and text feedback.
  • How to improve your individual writing strategies and how to avoid writer`s blocks.


About the trainer

Dr. Kerstin Minnich is a biologist who obtained her doctoral title at the Ulm University, followed by a postdoctoral research period at the Leibniz Institute on Aging in Jena.

In 2016, she founded SCIENCE WRITING and works as an editor, writing coach and workshop trainer for scientific writing with students, PhD candidates and postdocs in life sciences.


The workshop will be awarded with 1 ECTS.

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