Scientific Writing



Course Scientific Writing
Instructor Dr. Kerstin Minnich
Date 30.09.2024 – 01.10.2024 
Time 9:00 – 16:00
Duration 14 hours total + preparation
Type In-person
Location Room 310, MPI-P


Course description:

Writing scientific papers and publications places high demands on scientists. Among other things, the text must appeal to the target readership, be logically and stringently structured and written in a precise and concise style.

In this 2-day workshop, I will teach you strategies for planning scientific texts efficiently and implementing style and structure conventions appropriately during the writing process. The focus is on practical exercises. We also develop individual strategies to avoid writer's block and optimize the writing process. In addition to writing-specific topics, I deal with criteria for journal selection and conventions of the submission and review process for scientific publications.



Planning of scientific texts

  • Structural conventions of scientific texts.
  • Specification of the research question in experimental studies.
  • Methods for the optimal planning of scientific manuscripts.

Getting started with writing

  • Break down the writing process into individual writing phases.
  • Development of individual approaches to the writing process.
  • Development of individual strategies against writer's block.

Revision of scientific texts

  • Efficient revision strategies.
  • Stylistic conventions of scientific texts.

Efficient feedback strategies

  • Giving and receiving targeted feedback.


Learning outcomes:

  • Strategies for planning scientific manuscripts and structuring them logically and stringently.
  • Structural and stylistic conventions of scientific manuscripts and strategies to implement them in their own texts.
  • Methods for optimizing individual writing strategies and avoiding writer's block.
  • Efficient revision and feedback strategies for improving scientific manuscripts.


About the trainer

As a doctoral student and postdoc, Dr. Minnich conducted research at Ulm University Hospital and the Leibniz Institute in Jena in fields including oncology and immunology. After founding the science editing company LIFE SCIENCE WRITING in 2016, she trained as a writing consultant at the Freiburg University of Education and has since worked as a freelance writing consultant and workshop leader at university writing centres, graduate centres and other scientific institutions.


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