Open Science

April 27-28, 2023

Course description:

Through this workshop you will be able to turn your research project into a fully open and reproducible project. This is an interactive workshop, where you will learn more about Open and Reproducible Reseach



  • What is open science?
  • Fears and difficulties of working open
  • Organizing files and folders
  • Reproducible research practices
  • Publication of research output


Learning outcomes:

  • Open science = Good science in a digitized world
  • Open science impacts all steps in the research cycle
    • Changes in practices in planning, data collection, analysis, presentation
  • Open science = social change
    • Makes it difficult (social hurdles)
    • It is possible, if we understand mechanisms + support each other


About the trainer

Dr. Seibold studied statistics and did her PhD in Biostatistics with a focus on Machine Learning. Her research has been in the intersection of Data Science, Reproducibility and Medicine.

She is a solopreneur in Open and Reproducible Research and an independent researcher at IGDORE (Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education). She is also the co-founder of Open Science Freelancers.


The workshop will be awarded with 1 ECTS.

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