Statistical Genomics

This workshop will offer a short series of lectures on the theoretical background of statistical genomics and focus on the presentation of analytical tools and software. Students will be able to bring their own data or work with example data to get hands-on experience with the quality control, data formatting, data analysis and results interpretation issues relevant for statistical genomics
In detail, we will focus on genome-wide association studies (GWAS) as the prevailing methodology, and indeed in this course we will broadly discuss topics related to these. Students should attain the ability to perform practical activities in analytical and bioinformatics methodologies related to GWAS.

Lecturer: Bertram Müller-Myhsok

Topics that will be covered include in the lectures: 

  • Theoretical foundations of GWAS and statistical analysis of GWAS
  • Properties of Genomes and Genetic Variation on a Genomic Scale
  • Large-scale biobanks and success in GWAS, including meta-analysis in GWAS
  • Causality and GWAS
  • Advanced statistical modelling in GWAS

Practical parts will allow to perform relevant tasks on GWAS, from quality control to statistical analysis and assessment of output, analysis will be performed using PLINK. Sample data sets for the practicals will be provided.
Afternoon lectures will highlight current research topics in or with GWAS, potentially with external lecturers.       

The workshop will be awarded with 2 ECTS.

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