Data Analysis

28.10.2019 - 30.10.2019 | 09:00-17:30

December 07, 2018

Topics covered:

  • Operate R using variables, functions, indexing and packages.
  • Import own data regardless of size or format.
  • Perform standard statistical tests on large data-sets.
  • Produce plots and highlight specific data-points.
  • Begin programming in R using the apply functions.
  • Use split-combine-apply strategies for calculations and data manipulation.
  • Begin to adopt a bioinformatician’s perspective.

The course emphasises on hands-on exercises – This approach reinforces participants’ understanding. It uses relevant examples: Biological data-sets engage participants and help them to relate the material to their own work. The course provides case studies which demonstrate the power and simplicity of data analysis using R. 

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