Dr. med. Laura Albantakis

Resident Physician - Residency/PhD Programme

Main Focus

I have joined the “Social Neuroscience” group under the leadership of Dr. Schilbach at the MPI of Psychiatry in February 2016. Besides my clinical work at the associated outpatient and day clinic for disorders of social interaction, I have already begun collaborating with the neuroendocrine department of the MPI. I am currently working on a study profiling a wide spectrum of molecular parameters in autistic individuals. I will further investigate the effect and tolerance of psycho-pharmaceuticals in people with social impairment. In the near future, I will start a joint project with members of my research group to conduct a drug- and psychotherapy-based trial with the objective of defining a personalized treatment approach for adult individuals with high-functioning autism. Within the IMPRS-TP program, I intend to transfer machine learning methods into the research of social interaction impairments in collaboration with Prof. Koutsouleris. In this context, I am interested in correlating potential biomarkers from genomic, proteomic and hormonal blood screens with imaging techniques.

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