Living in Munich

Munich certainly has a lot to offer, whether your interests lie in watching a world-class game of football (FC Bayern Munich play at the Allianz Arena) or relaxing by the river with friends (the English Garden is one of the largest urban public parks).

Key Facts about Munich

  • Voted 4th best city in the world for quality of life and 14th best city in the world for students
  • Population of around 1.5 million, student population of around 100,000
  • Excellent public transport services
  • The city is bicycle friendly. It has a network of dedicated cycling lanes, and is relatively flat which makes using a bicycle a popular choice.
  • Very safe due to its low crime rate
  • Great healthcare services
  • Good, central geographical location for visiting the rest of Europe
  • Great outdoor activities - lots of city parks for walking, running and cycling, lakes for swimming and sailing during the summer, ice skating and skiing during the winter
  • Wide variety of shops, restaurants, and markets
  • Home to many beer gardens
  • Rich in history, culture and the arts, with 100 museums to visit
  • Over 100 night clubs and thousands of bars and restaurants
  • Munich airport is one of Germany's busiest international airports and is easily accessible from the center of town by public transport


Munich is the state capital of Bavaria located in the south of Germany, close to the Alps. Munich has a large student population of around 100,000 due to having two universities (the Ludwig-Maximilian-University and the Technical University) and several colleges. Munich is also home to many large international companies such as BMW, Siemens and MAN.


Munich has a moderate climate with neither an extremely cold winter nor an extremely hot summer. You can expect temperatures in the winter of between -5 and 10 °C and in summer between 20 and 30 °C.

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