Dr. Michael Mende
Dr. Michael Mende
Program Coordinator
Phone: +49 89 30622-273

Location Atzinger


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IMPRS-TP Interview Week

  • Beginning: Mar 7, 2018
  • End: Mar 9, 2018
  • Location: Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
  • Room: Lecture Hall
  • Host: International Max Planck Research School for Translational Psychiatry (IMPRS-TP)
  • Contact:
Projects available will be presented to invited candidates by the IMPRS-TP faculty members during the interview week.


Registration will be open on Wednesday, March 7th, from 08:30am - 09:00am in front of the Lecture Hall of the Kraepelin Building at the MPIP.

The welcoming address and overview over the Program will be followed by a series of talks from different faculty members of the program (09:00am - 12:40pm).

After lunch, the panel interviews will begin (13:00 - 18:00) and continued on Thursday (09:00-18:00). Each candidate will be interviewed for 25-30 min by a panel of five IMPRS-TP faculty members: Alessio Attardo, Silvia Cappello, Nadine Gogolla, Martin Keck (or Samy Egli) and Bertram Müller Myhsok; candidates will receive their personal schedules upon arrival (@hotel or @registration).

On Wednesday evening (18:00-21:00), IMPRS-TP students will be joining the session with their posters, accompanied by pizza and drinks.

Any free time Wednesday-Friday can be used for lab visits

Thursday evening, IMPRS-TP students will organize a short tour of Munich’s inner city - we will meet after the tour and have dinner out at Atzinger's

Final lab choice preferences have to be submitted no later than Friday noon, at which time we conclude our interview week (there will be no official closing remarks).

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