Dr. Michael Mende
Dr. Michael Mende
Program Coordinator
Phone: +49 89 30622-273

Publication Archive of IMPRS-TP Graduate Students

Below you will find research articles published by graduate students of the IMPRS-TP. Please click on the article title to access the repsective Pubmed entry or pdf.

Zillekens IC & Schilbach L. A measuring stick for other minds. Comment on ‘Seeing mental states: An experimental strategy for measuring the observability of other minds’ by Cristina Becchio et al. In Press, Phys Life Rev 2017

Bolis, D., Balsters, J., Wenderoth, N., Becchio, C., & Schilbach, L.Beyond autism: Introducing the dialectical misattunement hypothesis and a Bayesian account of intersubjectivity. Psychopathology 2017;50:355–372 

Bolis D & Schilbach L. Observing and participating in social interactions: Action perception and action control across the autistic spectrum.  Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (2017) S1878-9293(16)30174-8 Online Ahead of Print - Open Access

Bolis D & Schilbach L.: Beyond one Bayesian brain: Modeling intra- and interpersonal processes during social interaction: Commentary on "Mentalizing Homeostasis: The Social Origins of Interoceptive Inference" by Fotopoulou & Tsakiris.Neuropsychoanalysis, Feb 14 2017.

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